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Honest insights into my work, journey and experiences as a Munich portrait photographer, freelancer, artist and individual struggling to make a living with my passion.
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Streetphoto in one of the backyards in munich in spring 2023, for a blogarticle from daniel Stein, that should help you find a fitting photographer for your project.
16. April 2024

Why photographers should get prints of their work

Photographers print their work far too rarely, why this should change and what you need to consider for superb prints!

Point and shoot cameras on a table next to a catalog.
28. March 2024

Why point and shoot cameras will survive us all

Point and shoot cameras have almost single-handedly kept 35 mm film alive. How they did it and why they are still relevant today.

SED-CARD Bilder geschoßen von Daniel Schubert dem Fotografen aus Müchen und dem Model Jasmin H..
13. February 2024

About light: Using the mid-sun as a portrait photographer

Shooting in mid-sun can be pretty scary and off-putting for portrait photographers. But no more! About harsh sunlight in your portraits.

12. February 2024

How film changed my perspective as a portrait photographer

I've been a digital portrait photographer for years, and now I've suddenly fallen for film photography, why in general and who should try it.

11. February 2024

Film photography: Three things I wish I had known beforehand

Why you should deliberately expose a film incorrectly, what you should practice digitally and know about film photography before you start.

Picture of a Leica M4P in munich at a skaterpark for a Blog article about 35 mm Rangefinder cameras.
1. February 2024

About 35 mm Rangefinder & Leica-m cameras

About 35 mm cameras; The rangefinder, is a compact, light system and with a wide selection of gear which is difficult to use and...

Selbstbewusstes Portrait einer Schauspielerin in München geschoßen von dem Fotografen Daniel Stein
25. December 2023

Turning a passion into a Job, Part III: Caught in the monetary rat race

Income as a freelancer: What helps you get a better handle on your finances and how not to let them drive you crazy.

Selbstportrait des Fotografen Daniel Schubert Stein in München 2021 auf Cinestill t800 in einen Spielgel hinein.
19. October 2023

Pentax 6×7 and why we get attached to things that made it difficult for us

About the Pentax 6x7, my struggles with it, and why the things causing us troubles in the first place, make us appreciate them even...

5. August 2023

Why you need an assistant, if you’re a mobile studio photographer

How studio photography differs from available light and the advantages of having an assistant as a photographer doing headshots on location.

Aufnahme aus dem Kaffeemaschinenverkaufs Betrieb Davide Constanza in München, geschoßen von dem Businessfotograf und Reportagefotograf Daniel Schubert aus Bayern.
9. April 2023

How to choose a photographer in 2024

How can you find the perfect photographer for your project? Considering rates, editing style, checklists and where to find professionals.

9. January 2023

Canon RP in 2024: Ambitious on a budget

Is a Canon RP recommendable in 2023, how has the camera performed in three years of use and is it worth it for another...

Annouk Portraitfotograf Portrait geschossen in München von dem Fotografen Daniel Schubert
4. November 2022

The good, the bad and the ugly Feedback in Portrait photography

Why it's important for photographers to get feedback, where to get it, and the pros and cons of Facebook and Instagram.

19. September 2022

What portrait photographers can learn from movies

Which inspirations portrait photographers can collect from movies, especially in storytelling, and where it is worth taking a closer look.

5. February 2022

How to showcase your first exhibition and what I learned

About my first exhibition, what went well, what I learned, what I will do differently in the future and whether it was a success.

Tipps wie du als Portraitfotograf deine Freunde und Familie besser fotografieren kannst.
20. January 2022

How to pose and photograph portraits of your loved ones

Some of the most valuable pictures might just be portraits of family and friends. Here's some advice for creating timeless mementos.

20. January 2022

Getting sharper Images in your photography

Blurred images for photographers are annoying and often easy to avoid. Let's go over the most common reasons and solutions.

1. November 2021

How perfectionism slows you down and why you should make mistakes

When fear of failure is disguised as perfectionism, what that means, how best to deal with it and why gut feelings can be wrong.

Fotos von dem Model und Personal Trainer Kpaoul in München nahe der Tonnenhalle. Portraits geschoßen während eines Portfolio-Shootings von dem Fotografen Daniel Schubert aka Steins Pictures.
2. August 2021

Using the manual mode

A introduction to the manual mode, why you should learn it, which possibilities are opening up from mastering it and advices for starting out.

Bild für einen Blogartikel zum Thema Bildkomposition, manueller Modus und das framing eines Fotos.
1. July 2021

Composition in portrait photography

An introduction to composition in photography, technical aspects of the golden ratio and framing with examples.

Zu sehen ist ein Portrait aufgenommen in München in Bayern. Im Porträt Foto ist eine junge Frau. Es handelt sich um das französische Model Annie, wohnhaft in München. Die Aufnahmen wurden in der Münchner Universität aufgenommen. Das Shooting wurde von dem Fotografen Daniel Schubert von Steins Pictures durchgeführt.
22. April 2021

Free Portfolio shootings and a model’s perspective: TfP

Guest Author, Model and Photographer Annie Cathignol tells us about her experience with TfP and what to expected.

19. April 2021

Free portfolio shootings/TfP from a photographer perspective

About my experience with TfP as a photographer, how to approach and find models, what to expect, how to prepare and what to avoid.

Portrait shooting zwischen dem Fotografen Daniel Schubert aus München und dem Model Anna vom Chiemsee.
7. March 2021

How to shoot amazing available light Portraits with paper

Simple photographer guide on how you can create amazing portraits, with just colored paper, a large window and your camera on a cloudy day.

5. December 2020

Small in Tokyo

About my first few days in Tokyo, the streetphotos I took and a very lucky encounter that made my first few days a cultural...

Fotograf, München, Photographer, Munich, Portrait, Porträt, Portfolio. Streetphotography, Streetphotographer, Streetphotography,
26. March 2020

With a wide angle comes great responsibility

About my first-hand experience with wide angle photography, the advantages and disadvantages and my first shoots taken in Vienna and Munich.

26. March 2020

First steps on a journey to become a Photographer

An update about my life, how starting a solo business change my past year and why I'm reviving this Blog.

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