Blog on Self employment

Lance into freedom

About my journey into self-employment as a photographer, from the everyday life of a freelancer, what I have learned and like to pass on.

Stock-Bilder geschoßen in Hamburg mit dem Model Leona Joia und Daniel Schubert als Fotografen.
12. May 2024

What too much time as a freelancer and tinder have in common

Why too much time as a freelancer can quickly become a curse, and what all this has to do with dating apps.

12. February 2024

How film changed my perspective as a portrait photographer

I've been a digital portrait photographer for years, and now I've suddenly fallen for film photography, why in general and who should try it.

2. October 2023

Turning a passion into a Job, part II: Selfworth and Health

Why it is essential in self-employment that you acquire a healthy self-confidence and lifestyle.

Ausschnitte aus dem Portraitshooting mit dem Münchner Portraitfotograf Daniel Schubert im Auftrag der KünstlerIn Anna Stenger für Ihre Website und social media.
27. March 2023

Turning a passion into a job, Part I Hardskills

What do I need if I want to become self-employed, as a photographer or freelancer in the creative industry? Part 1: The know-how.

Annouk Portraitfotograf Portrait geschossen in München von dem Fotografen Daniel Schubert
4. November 2022

The good, the bad and the ugly Feedback in Portrait photography

Why it's important for photographers to get feedback, where to get it, and the pros and cons of Facebook and Instagram.

1. November 2021

How perfectionism slows you down and why you should make mistakes

When fear of failure is disguised as perfectionism, what that means, how best to deal with it and why gut feelings can be wrong.

26. March 2020

First steps on a journey to become a Photographer

An update about my life, how starting a solo business change my past year and why I'm reviving this Blog.

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