Analog Photographer


Portraits on film

Times have changed, we have changed, but film photography remains timeless.

Experience the charm of film optics professionally and reinterpreted: Unique moments.

For you or as a voucher for a very special person.

Unique film optics

Why filters when you can have the real thing? Taking pictures on film is exciting, spontaneous and, above all, real.

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Just like you

Before we meet, we'll talk about cameras, film stocks and the storytelling behind your portraits.


Passion for film

Digital native and film for passion. For me, film photography is more than a trend, and I want to share that fascination with you.

Munich film photography

Grain is buisness

Medium and 35mm format

You can choose between 35 mm film or the more professional medium format, which sharpness and details can even rival digital sensors.

Portraits unique like you

Everyone has unique nuances and personality traits. Authenticity for me as a photographer is the focus.

On paper and digital

You'll get your pictures after the shooting digital and printed in a picture box via mail, the best out of the two worlds.

Your Ideas, my vision

As a portrait photographer, knowing exactly what my protagonists expect is key, that's why I want to get to know exactly those images that fascinate you.

Medium format

taxes included
  • Time window: Until the film is finished
    Choose between 35mm color or B / W film classics such as Porta, Ektar or Bnxx
    10 Images
    Images will be sent by mail and digitally within three weeks after the shoot

    All rights for private use of the images


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