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As a Munich Business Photographer, I'll provide Portraits of your employees, as well as social media and architectural shoots if needed.

God gives the nuts, but he does not crack them.
(Franz Kafka)

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Professional employee portraits, accompanying your product in various work steps or documentation of your appearance at an event in Munich.

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In Munich or anywhere in the world, no two companies are the same. Before signing or charging anything, let's take a look at your needs.


Happy customers

Nothing is more important to me than to stand behind my work 100%. This applies to both my work as a portrait and as a business photographer.

How my pictures look
only originals

Your story

Core concept

As a business photographer, it is important to me to capture the essence of your company, finding the details that makes your workplace special.


I don't want to take stock photography or advertising photos of your company, instead, we will find the delicacies that makes your company special, regardless of whether it is a small craft business from Munich or an international organization.

An eye for detail

Let us impress your customers with exciting detailed shots. As a business photographer, I deliver timeless images for social media channels, your website, brochures or specialist magazines, that you'll be able to use for years to come.

The swift photographer

I am flexible and mobile for your company. If you want to tell a more detailed story of your establishment from different points of view, with different stages of production. I am at the different spots of Interests as your photographer.

Get the most out of it

As a business photographer, but also as a self-employed individual, I understand, that an investment must be worthwhile. It is therefore important to me that you get maximum value from your images.

The people in focus

With roots in portrait photography and storytelling, when I'm hired as a business photographer, I like to focus on those actors who are behind a service or product.



I'm experienced with artificial light, web design and photojournalism. That's why I'm not only able to catch your premises in the right light but also know, what pictures will look great on your website, while never overdoing the editing part - to keep it authentic.


Hire a Business Photographer

In case you need an individual offer, feel free to contact me and let me know how I can help you.


taxes included
  • Business headshots for up to 12 employees, plus three area-specific team pictures.
    Additionally, 40 Pictures in total of indoors and outdoors, as well as atmospheric detail shoots for social media
    Preselection via online Gallery & finished pictures via File Transfer
    Delivery of the pictures in high, as well as low resolution for internet portals, brochures & flyers.
    Each additional pictures 5 €


Daniel Schubert

my first contact to photography was when I was a little boy, when I got a camera for my birthday. My mother, my grandfather and my grandmother they all were and still are passionable photographers...

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