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Various topics and blog posts about metrosophy, society and philosophical questions regarding our everyday life in the rush of the cities we call home.
Stock-Bilder geschoßen in Hamburg mit dem Model Leona Joia und Daniel Schubert als Fotografen.
12. May 2024

What too much time as a freelancer and tinder have in common

Why too much time as a freelancer can quickly become a curse, and what all this has to do with dating apps.

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Title Pictures for about love part 4, a blog digging into relationships and the topic of love.
26. February 2024

About Love Part IV: The more you want it, the more it slips away

Why we need to separate love from solely positive emotions. How conflict can strengthen bonds if done right, and where to draw the line.

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About Love part III this time we dive into the topic of white lies and how white Liars are suffering and damaging their relationships.
5. February 2022

About Love Part 3: White lies

This time we take a deep dive into white lies and why they influence your relationships, how they can turn toxic and how to...

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1. November 2021

How perfectionism slows you down and why you should make mistakes

When fear of failure is disguised as perfectionism, what that means, how best to deal with it and why gut feelings can be wrong.

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7. April 2020

About Love Part 2: The love-Addiction

This is not going to be the answer about what love is but it's be my take on it. Backed from various theories and...

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26. March 2020

The thing about love

This is not going to be the answer about what love is but it's be my take on it. Backed form various theories and...

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2. October 2018

A dangerous discussion culture

About a dangerous change in our discussion-culture happening on social media and originating from america. The reasons for it and what it might develope...

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Fotos von dem Model und Personal Trainer Kpaoul in München nahe der Tonnenhalle. Portraits geschoßen während eines Portfolio-Shootings von dem Fotografen Daniel Schubert aka Steins Pictures.
19. September 2018

Book Review “The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck”

About Mark Manson self-improvement-book in disguise, what you can expect from it and if you should read it or not. May contain a lot...

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Fotograf, München, Photographer, Munich, Portrait, Porträt, Portfolio. Streetphotography, Streetphotographer, Streetphotography,
8. September 2018

My involuntary Pick-up lesson at two in the morning

About random encounters, missing improvisation, a long walk in the early morning hours and guys who believe in pick-up-academies to get girls.

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Unterbelichtete Portraitaufnahme von Eva vor der Münchner Universität, geschoßen von dem Münchner Fototgrafen für Sedcard, Schauspielerfotos und Reportagefotografie Steins Pictures.
15. August 2018

The political influence of Twitch

About the political influence Twitch has on young gamers, the pros and cons of this developement and an Interview with the professional streamer Destiny.

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