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<img class="size-medium wp-image-3687" src="" alt="Das Paar Toni und Marie auf der Hackerbrücke fotografiert in der Münchner Abendsonne von dem Fotografen Steins Pictures aka Daniel Schubert in Zuge eines Paarshooting." width="300" height="200" /> My thoughts about photography, life, the things we encounter in everyday life and of course about interpersonal relationships,
Streetphoto in one of the backyards in munich in spring 2023, for a blogarticle from daniel Stein, that should help you find a fitting photographer for your project.
16. April 2024

Why photographers should get prints of their work

Photographers print their work far too rarely, why this should change and what you need to consider for superb prints!

Point and shoot cameras on a table next to a catalog.
28. March 2024

Why point and shoot cameras will survive us all

Point and shoot cameras have almost single-handedly kept 35 mm film alive. How they did it and why they are still relevant today.

Title Pictures for about love part 4, a blog digging into relationships and the topic of love.
26. February 2024

About Love Part IV: The more you want it, the more it slips away

Why we need to separate love from solely positive emotions. How conflict can strengthen bonds if done right, and where to draw the line.

SED-CARD Bilder geschoßen von Daniel Schubert dem Fotografen aus Müchen und dem Model Jasmin H..
13. February 2024

About light: Using the mid-sun as a portrait photographer

Shooting in mid-sun can be pretty scary and off-putting for portrait photographers. But no more! About harsh sunlight in your portraits.

12. February 2024

How film changed my perspective as a portrait photographer

I've been a digital portrait photographer for years, and now I've suddenly fallen for film photography, why in general and who should try it.

11. February 2024

Film photography: Three things I wish I had known beforehand

Why you should deliberately expose a film incorrectly, what you should practice digitally and know about film photography before you start.

Picture of a Leica M4P in munich at a skaterpark for a Blog article about 35 mm Rangefinder cameras.
1. February 2024

About 35 mm Rangefinder & Leica-m cameras

About 35 mm cameras; The rangefinder, is a compact, light system and with a wide selection of gear which is difficult to use and...

Selbstbewusstes Portrait einer Schauspielerin in München geschoßen von dem Fotografen Daniel Stein
25. December 2023

Turning a passion into a Job, Part III: Caught in the monetary rat race

Income as a freelancer: What helps you get a better handle on your finances and how not to let them drive you crazy.

Selbstportrait des Fotografen Daniel Schubert Stein in München 2021 auf Cinestill t800 in einen Spielgel hinein.
19. October 2023

Pentax 6×7 and why we get attached to things that made it difficult for us

About the Pentax 6x7, my struggles with it, and why the things causing us troubles in the first place, make us appreciate them even...

2. October 2023

Turning a passion into a Job, part II: Selfworth and Health

Why it is essential in self-employment that you acquire a healthy self-confidence and lifestyle.

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