Coaching Portrait Photography


Portrait Coaching

How do I create an image composition, what do I set my camera to achieve a nice depth of field, or when do I use which lens?

To answer these questions and to help you take the photos that you already have in your head but are not quite able to get into the box.

My passion

I specialize in outdoor available light portraits, as a business and reportage photographer. That means, I don't work inside a fixed studio, I go out, chase the perfect light, hunt for the perfect urban background and that's exactly what I aim to teach.

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Let's talk

It is important to me that I am the right coach for you. Do you want to work professionally or just for private purposes? Are you starting your own business and want to create your own social media presence? Let's talk about it, without obligation of course.


Happy customers

Whether in Munich or anywhere in the world: As a portrait photographer but also as a self-employed person: Nothing is more important to me than being able to stand behind my work 100%. That's why I'm only satisfied with your coaching when you are too.

Das Portrait zeigt den sportlichen personal Trainer, wie er Steinchen durch seine Finger fallen lässt, aufgenommen wurden die Bilder von dem Fotografen für Sedcards, Schauspielerfotografie und Reportage Daniel Schubert.
Choose what you want to learn

Your goals - your coaching

In the field

I love to be on the go and that's exactly how I take photos: Lots of changes in location, movement when taking portraits, not only from the model, but especially from the photographer, and above all stop and shoot moments during the experience. Because the light doesn't wait, the light wants to be found.

Claim your style

Every person is unique, has nuances and character traits and every photographer has his own eye. I'm not here to tell you how to take photos or to impose my style on you. Instead, I would like to give you input on how you can develop your own way of taking pictures further.

Learning perspectives

In a coaching session we can look at different types of lenses: from narrow fixed focal length with a blurred background for the classic portrait, ultra-wide angle to tell a story with the entire background or those all-rounder lenses that lie in between. Let's talk about what lenses to use, in different situations.

Change the scenery

Born and living in Munich, I know exactly which corners are perfect for portraits. It's not talent, it's experience. When I travel, I am always looking for exciting backgrounds. Learn what makes a location good for portraits. Become a spot hunter.

Your photos, your edits

No more VSCO app or Instagram filter. Your editing style distinguishes you as a photographer at least as much as your perspectives and photographic style. Let's take a look together to see which edits inspire you and how you can make something of your own.

Refresh on what you've learned

About a month after our coaching, we take another look at your current photos, if you could improve on your portraits, what is easier to do and what is still difficult. So that you get the right impulses afterwards to take your photos to a new level.

Portfolio Aufnahme von Münchner Portrait Fotograf Daniel Schubert. Fotograf für Sedcard, Schauspieler, Bewerbungsbilder oder social media.
Gemeinsam mit Julia Angeli und dem Schauspieler, Portrait und Paarfotografen Daniel Schubert aus München nahe der Donnersbergerbrücke.
Unscharfe Portraitaufnahme von Eva vor der Münchner Universität, wie sie Ihre Hand richtung Kamera streckt geschoßen von dem Münchner Fototgrafen für Sedcard, Schauspielerfotos und Reportagefotografie Steins Pictures.
Das etwa 1,80 Meter große, brünette männliche Model Axel posiert in einem Parkhaus in der Abendsonne bei einem Shooting mit dem Münchner Fotograf Daniel Schubert.


tax included
  • About three hours

    General Understanding of the Manual Mode
    Individual planing of the coaching topics
    set the right spots for the portraits
    Camera can be borrowed and a 35 mm film will be provided
    - Choosing the lens
    - Technical stuff
    - Composition
    - Leading lines
    - Communication
    - Analogue Photography
    The printed pictures from your coaching will be delivered directly too you with a keychain made out of the film box
    In retrospect, about an hour discussion of your pictures and feedback
    * All content can be adapted to your needs, nothing is set in stone here!

About me

Daniel Schubert

my first contact to photography was when I was a little boy, when I got a camera for my birthday. My mother, my grandfather and my grandmother they all were and still are passionable photographers...

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