22. Mai 2021

Why you should start taking portraits in the mid-sun

Why you should stop avoiding harsh sunlight in portrait photography, advices how to make the most out of it and creative ideas how to...

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Zu sehen ist ein Portrait aufgenommen in München in Bayern. Im Porträt Foto ist eine junge Frau. Es handelt sich um das französische Model Annie, wohnhaft in München. Die Aufnahmen wurden in der Münchner Universität aufgenommen. Das Shooting wurde von dem Fotografen Daniel Schubert von Steins Pictures durchgeführt.
22. April 2021

TfPs and a model’s perspective

Guest Author, Model and Photographer Annie Cathignol tells us about her experience with TfP and what to expected.

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19. April 2021

TfP from a photographer perspective

About my experience with TfP as a photographer, how to approach and find models, what to expect, how to prepare and what to avoid.

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Portrait shooting zwischen dem Fotografen Daniel Schubert aus München und dem Model Anna vom Chiemsee.
7. März 2021

How to shoot amazing available light Portraits with paper

Simple photographer guide on how you can create amazing portraits, with just colored paper, a large window and your camera on a cloudy day.

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5. Dezember 2020

Small in Tokyo

About my first few days in Tokyo, the streetphotos I took and a very lucky encounter that made my first few days a cultural...

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7. April 2020

About Love Part 2: The love-Addiction

This is not going to be the answer about what love is but it's be my take on it. Backed from various theories and...

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26. März 2020

The thing about love

This is not going to be the answer about what love is but it's be my take on it. Backed form various theories and...

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26. März 2020

With a wide angle comes great responsibility

About my first-hand experience with wide angle photography, the advantages and disadvantages and my first shoots taken in Vienna and Munich.

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26. März 2020

First steps on a journey to become a Photographer

An update about my life, how starting a solo business change my past year and why I'm reviving this Blog.

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2. Oktober 2018

A dangerous discussion culture

About a dangerous change in our discussion-culture happening on social media and originating from america. The reasons for it and what it might develope...

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