About Daniel Schubert

Daniel Schubert

About me

About the portrait, reportage and street photographer, founder of Steins Pictures.

The photographer doesn't create anything new.

The photographer appreciates
what already is.

What’s created is a moment, an individual perspective, an appreciation. In our overcrowded, often overwhelming world, what could be nicer than a craft that does not create anything new and instead simply appreciates what is already there.

First contact

My first contact with photography was when I was a little boy and got a camera for my birthday

My first pics were pretty much anything that got in front of my camera, but mostly friends, family or pets. I quickly established myself in my circle of friends as the one who always had a camera with me and captured memories and videos (at that time we didn't have smartphones).

Even today I still take photos of celebrations and special moments in the lives of my loved ones. After all, I know how precious and bittersweet melancholic these memories can be.

Dream on hold

When I was 19 I started training as a photographer,
did an internship and was accepted for an apprenticeship. The problem: I couldn't even have paid for the gasoline and insurance for a car with the low salary.

Unsure whether I would be able to live on a photographer's salary, I decided to study and initially worked in the field of event and project management.

Since journalism had always fascinated me, the decision was made to go into journalism at a local newspaper.

First love, last love

In a mixture of writing, research and shooting pictures, the passion of ​​starting your own business and to finally work as a photographer ignited in me again. After getting a final push, I was determined enough. I quit and have been working on making this dream come true ever since.

Photography is changing

Taking great photos is getting easier and more accessible and that’s a good thing

Modern technology, the free availability of expert knowledge on the Internet and, above all, the increasing importance of images as self-portrayal in social media has changed the former apprenticeship to a mere title.
Instagram users are now also busy with lighting, technology and processing in photography: Having an eye for a good picture is more important than ever, because the rest … everyone can now learn the rest themselves, and that’s a good thing.
Why should the fun be withheld only from a professional photographer?

For the modern photographer, however, this means that one has to be inventive and be able to do a lot more than „just“ take good pictures.

In focus

Even if photography is becoming more and more accessible, some aspects tell apart experienced photographers from amateurs: mastering the use of lenses for every situation, professional image processing or the triad of depth, light and composition.

To know how to implement an idea photographically while delivering a constant high quality and a never ending search for sharpening one's skills makes a professional photographer stand out.


Thank you for reading my story.
But pictures say more than 1000 words, so please take a look at my portfolio and see for yourself.

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I've been writing a bilingual blog for almost three years.
At first, it was only about sociological and metrosophical topics, but since mid-2019 I've been adding entries about photography and being self-employed.

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